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Browse4Houses Loan Calculator 1.1

Free, easy-to-use and handy loan calculator which calculates monthly repayments
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Browse4Houses presents a simple, easy-to-use loan calculator, which has been developed in-house and is given away completely FREE! The interface is straightforward and has been designed to be quickly understood. The Browse4Houses Loan Calculator does one job - and one job only - which is to calculate the monthly payment over a set number of years, given a loan amount and interest rate. PLEASE NOTE: the loan calculator is provided for purely illustrative/entertainment purposes only. Anyone intending to embark on a financial transaction should consult expert financial advice through a financial adviser, mortgage adviser or other qualified person! Having said that, the calculator will give a reasonable indication of monthly loan repayments given a loan amount value, the number of years the loan is taken out over, and the interest rate chosen. An extremely handy little application for anyone wishing to investigate the loans and mortgages sectors.

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